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October 2nd News

Hey Stronghold, Snarkypants here!

I bring you the first of many Stronghold updates. It’s day 128 on the Stronghold server. In fact, this past week we celebrated our 4 month anniversary! So much has happened in the last four months. Stronghold has gone from being a concept in the minds of its creators to a growing and thriving community. We have had our ups and down in those last 4 months but each challenge we overcome, the server becomes stronger.

This week we welcomed clan AES (AnimusEsports) onto the server. We look forward to seeing them find their place in the community. We are also in talks with two other clans and we will let you know more soon.

This Friday we will be holding our 3rd server event, “The Pleasant Valley BR.” This will take place @ 11PM BST. (7pm Eastern, 6pm Central and 4pm Pacific) For more information click Here!. Coming up next month: remember to save the date, Nov 7th, for the Extra-Life-Game-a-Thon, hosted by AnimusEsports. For more information click Here!.

As a reminder we have moved from TS to Discord. For more information click Here!. If you wish to hang out with the crew or talk to an Admin/Moderator, we can be found on discord. This application can be run from a web browser, a desktop application, or on your phone. This way you can keep up with all the happenings on the server while on the go. (Meaning when you are supposed to be working).

This week we also added 2 new moderators to the team. The green team now consists of El Contador, Dunabar, Mongo, Mattie (Zimm) and myself, Kegan (Snarkypants), while the Purple Team consists of Sp0r, PhazePyre, Hannii and Xaiin.

It’s not always smooth sailing out there. So please remember to keep your trash talk clean and refrain from racist and derogatory language. If you’re feeling extra salty please move to channel six. Should you wish to have adult supervision to work out your differences a moderator can assist you on Discord or on an agreed upon channel.

Some things to look forward to in the future include the 2nd pit event, car jumping and the inevitable PURGE night, to be held on the eve of the server wipe.

Currently, we are in the works to grow the server population. If you have friends you want to play with, please head over to the recommend a friend thread and put their names in the hat. Remember, you are responsible for those you recommend, so choose carefully. We understand how important it is to play with friends and will do what we can to get them accepted, provided they are a good fit for the server.

Coming soon: the Stronghold blog. We will be looking for Screenshots, Videos and stories. If you would like to contribute, please contact us. Also expect some changes to the rules regarding bases and raiding. These items and more will be discussed at the clan meeting to be held on Saturday. We will announce the time once we get that locked down. Look for us on twitter @H1Z1Stronghold

Be safe out there and remember to always wear shoes!