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October 9th 2015

Another week, another update. It’s day 135 on the Stronghold, as we get ready for the next server wipe please take a moment to head over to the forums and vote on the topic “Restricting Building at all Major POIs”. We are trying to get a feel for what people would like to see next cycle. More topics like this will be coming forward in the next few weeks so please check the forums often. Remember to change you settings to include your in-game name and clan if applicable HERE!.

The first Pleasant Valley Battle Royal took place last Friday. We had a great turn out and crowned GM7 as the winner. He is new to the server and received some skinned items as well as cop car compliments of Zimm’s Trading post.

Speaking of Zimm’s, this weekend also saw the grand reopening of Zimm’s. They celebrated the weekend with a huge sale on raiding materials. It was an explosive weekend to say the least! For those of you still suffering check out AES insurance for all your coverage needs. They offer comprehensive insurance as well as onsite gate replacement. With reasonable prices you can’t go wrong!

Also this weekend we held the first ever Clan Town Hall meeting, with representative from 8 clans present. Don’t think we have forgotten about the lone wolves out there. If you would like to be involved with a Lone Wolf town hall message me and we can put something together. Remember you can always join one of the 3 factions. Guardians of Civilization, Bandit and Mercenaries contact Sp0r or sign up in the links provided.

We also want to take a moment to welcome 3 new clans to the server. AG, sSs and Inglorious. So batten down the hatches folks and break out your hammers. It’s should be another exciting weekend.

As a reminder, Landmines left unattended in none KOS areas are considered greifing. Barbwire that covers the entire road is also griefing. Play smart out there and don’t be that guy. Sometimes it’s better to walk away from a fight then to keep fanning the fires. Keep your salt in the Salt Mines and on Chanel 6.

The rules have been updated and now allow the placement of sleeping mats around doors and in shelters. We are also working on updating the rules on overhangs and other base designs. Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts. Remember for up to date information follow us on Twitter @H1Z1Stronghold and join us on Discord.

Moderators can be reached on the radio or discord and reports can be filed online. In an effort to keep track of incidents all reports need to be filled by the individual concerned on the forums. This allows all of the Admin/Moderator team to see the complaints and the action taken. For more information on how to make a report click Here!

Remember don’t feed the bears, unless its donuts!