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November 13th, 2015

Hey Stronghold! It is day 170 here on the server. Friday the 13th to be exact, have you checked out those creepy new zombies? Speaking of which today is your last day to get you Halloween masks, so get out there and slay some pumpkins. Also of note applications are again open. We have already added another 20 people to the 140 we invited last week. But as expected the server is still a bit dead do to everyone playing that other game. But have no fear we have plans. Join us November 30th to December 5th for an amazing line up of events.

In other news the Stronghold blog is coming along nicely and we have added 2 new editors to the team. There is still plenty of time to get in on this. PM Sp0r or myself if you wish to be a Stronghold reporter. Hopefully you all got your scrubs last weekend during the great scrubs grab of 2015. Remember to pick up those skin you might be missing you can go to both & Also if you’re interested in BRs check out

Remember friends do not let friend play Fallout!

LincolnshirePoacher got poached!

Well done to Parabola for figuring out the weird number station!

He walked away with a shack full of goodies on a $20 steam card!

November 6, 2015

Hey Stronghold! It is day 163 here on the server. As you all know, we have reopened applications and are busy reviewing them as quickly as we can. Each application can take 10-15 min and some applications may need to be reviewed by a handful of people. If you are applying as a new clan, please let us know so that a representative from the stronghold can contact you with a few questions.

For all the new people, a little house keeping is in order. Please remember to set your in-game name, and take another read though of the rules. In addition if you plan on joining the Neutral town or visiting it please read these rules as well.  They are located in the Town & Pit section on the forums.

Now for the fun stuff! We had our first Town Hall this weekend and had a fabulous turn out. For a quick summery of the topics covered you can find them posted on the forums. We are furiously building a race track in the villas and have started collecting materials for the larger pit complex. We are also looking to make a few more test bases so that we can test a few base raiding issues. For more on base raiding please join the conversation on the forums.

As mentioned in the Town Hall, the Stronghold Blog is up and running so we are looking for some Bloggers. If you are interested please let Sp0r or myself know. Joining the blog team so far are Weenus [War Correspondent] and Dunabar [Pit Master]. We are looking for articles, journals, screen shots and videos to help document a day in the life of a Strongholdian.

Coming up at the end of the month, the first ever stronghold event marathon. Each day will feature a new event. More information to come next week on the specific line up and prizes to be given out. Also check out The Stronghold Raid League and The Pit League.

Remember, what happens in the pit, stays in the pit.

For those of you that missed it, Gopher was kind enough to get that creepy Lincolnshire Poacher dude on tape. Check out his video! Which can be found on Discord.

October 30th 2015

We would like to welcome the new clan, TDC, as well as a number of lone wolves to the Stronghold; please remember that you are required to set your in-game name as well as Clan affiliations on the forums. We strongly encourage all new or returning players to read over the RULES page. You will be held to these rules and expected to behave maturely. It is Day 156 here on the stronghold and the weekend is proving to be an exciting one.

This past Wednesday marked the start of the first H1Z1Halloweenevent. Players can join BR and kill zombies in survival mode to win account bound skins. So, everyone grab your wrenches and combat knives and get to slaughtering those Zombies.

We are holding a town hall meeting this Sunday to discuss various elements of the Stronghold server. I urge all members of the community that have an interest in the development of the server to attend. The meeting will take place on Sunday Nov 1st at 10 pm GMT on Discord so make sure and have discord set up ahead of time

This is your opportunity to have a say in shaping the future of the Stronghold!

The agenda is as follows:

1. Population
2. Communications
3. Events

Need some of the new and stylish skins or maybe you never got that skull bandanna you always wanted? Check out the trading post on Survivors Rest. Head on over and check out what you can find. This new feature is amazing. I cannot wait to check it out more myself.

P.S. Did anyone notice that creepy code on the radio? Wonder what that was all about?!

Remember, only you can prevent base decay.

October 16th 2015

Welcome to a new world! Stronghold, Day 142 and counting. While other servers are shutting down, here at Stronghold, we are growing bigger and better every day. We want to take a moment and thank all of you for making that happen. Our goal has always been to build a community that we can all call home. While we do not all have the same play styles PvP, PvE, RP or OCD, we all call the Stronghold home. Over that last few months we have seen groups band together to defend Zimms. We have killed our friends in BRs, Pit events and on Purge night. I personally cant wait to see where this new patch takes us.

A lot of big things happened this week so I am going to take a moment to cover those. First off we have a band new shiny set of RULES. Please take a moment to read through these as you will be held accountable for them. Make sure before you build your huge 12 tamper base, that it is not violating any of the new locational building restrictions. Not knowing will not give you a free pass, so do not waste all that scrap metal on a base that you will have to take down.

This cycle we are testing a gridlocking system in relation to Unrestricted/Restricted PvP regions. Ranchito Taquito (H2,I2, H3, and I2) now is all 4 Squares. Pleasant Valley/Cranberry is D5, E5, D6-F6, D7-H7. The Neutral Area is I4, J4, I5, and J5. This new grid system will allow people to quickly see if they are in a KOS/Neutral zone or not without having to tab out. This new system is something we are testing this cycle and will be looking for feedback on before the next cycle.

Purge night was fun as always with people raiding the town and shooting their friends in their bases. But today is a new day and back to business as usual today. Keep in mind that resources are low for the first few days and robbery is up. Be safe and stay alive. While last week it was probably safe to stand in the middle of Bubbas gathering metal. This weekend you are probably going to get robbed and/or killed. As this happens please again read the rules on interactions and what is and is not a KOS. Also remember to check your setting as they all reset with the patch, so your mic may not be set up.

This weekend we also welcomed three new clans to the server. Fluffy Unicorns, Lost and AK are now calling Stronghold home as well. Remember if you are a Clan leader get yourself set up on the clan council and select your alternate representatives as well. Remember to have your members set their in-game name and clan name under the user control panel.

This cycle the Town of Jericho will be moving to the East side of the Villas. In a structure we fondly call Terrace Town. Anyone interested in living the peaceful life can contact Expiredpass for more information. If there is anything you would like to see in the town drop on by the town forum and let us know. So far we have plans for a new pit, car Jumps and maybe even a shooting range. I look forward to seeing what the next month brings.

Remember when opportunity knocks, do not open your gate, She can not be trusted!