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January 29, 2016

Hey Stronghold!  It’s been 246 days since the Stronghold got infected. Join us this weekend for Survivor Saturdays: Eastwood Hide and Seek. Meet at the base behind Spores in Eastwood at 4pm EST. Note you will be handcuffed and checked, so don’t bring any weapons or healing. Also don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose, you will be provided with 10 bandages each, food & water and an outfit. Bring a radio! If you forget you will be provided one.

Look for upcoming changes to the rules in the next few weeks.  This includes the expansion of the KOS area in the center of the map, and the removal of Rancho from the KOS zone.  We are looking to hold another town hall in the near future.  Date/Time TBD.


Have a friend who wants to play on the server?  Head over to the recommend a friend section of the forums to get them on faster. All applications will now be placed on a 3 day hold unless recommended by someone on the server.  So get your application in now, if you plan to play next wipe.

Mr. Handy our new pet bot on Discord is settling in well.  Look for new content and quest from him in the near future.  Have an idea for a quest? Submit your idea on the forums and maybe your idea will be accepted!  Participants in events will also receive a Mr Handy code and rankings on the forums. As well as prizes for winning events and completing Mr Handy Content.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to the new modlings.  They are settling in quickly and jumping right in to host events and blow up illegal bases.  Have Question you can find us all on the forums and on discord.  Look for the Red and Green names.  The Admin team consists of Hanii, PhazePyre, Sp0r and Xaiin. Moderators/Modlings Dunabar, El Contador, Expiredpass, Kegan Snarkypants, MattieZimm, Gopher, Carterski/Blakkout, Chunk, d3vnull, Lionking/Regelim, ViolentCrimes, Sevensins/Alpha, and Delabora.


Remember Follow us on Twitter and Don’t Check us out on Facebook because we don’t use that.




January 24, 2016

Hey Stronghold!  It’s been 241 days since the Stronghold got infected. This weekend saw the second event in the Saturday Survivors series. Check out GM7’s Video for all the action.  Up next week, “Hide and Seek” details to be posted latter this week.

It looks like this wipe is going to be a long one.  So jump on and get started.  Many, Many, Many people have been invited in 2016.  No need to wait for the wipe to happen there is plenty of space left on the server to build. But remember to check the no build zones before you place that deck foundation.  Demolitions teams are hard at work removing illegal bases.  The two in PV have met an explosive end.  So check the map and then check it again before you build.

If you have a friend you wish to have join you on the sever head over to the forums and recommend them.  Applicant that have been recommended will be processed faster. BUT remember when recommending a friend you will be held responsible for their action on the server so choice your friends wisely.

Remember, friends don’t lets friends KOS.

January 17, 2016

Hey Stronghold!  It’s been 235 days since the Stronghold got infected.  This week also marks the 1 year anniversary of the game.  Lots of things are happening here both in-game and behind the scenes.  We kicked off our new event Saturday Night Survivor : Kurama Bow Royale. Check out Zimm’s blog for all the details.  In other news we have had an overwhelming number of applications to the server. We are getting through them as we can.  Just a few notes.  Please make sure to fill out your application.  Blank application will be rejected.  Also please understand that this is an English speaking server so applications need to be in English.  We have accepted 373 people in 2016 so far.  So if you haven’t gotten your email yet make sure and check your spam filter.

This last week we added 8 new modlings. Please welcome Gopher, Carterski, Chunk, d3vnull, lionking, ViolentCrimes, Sevensins, and Delabora. They are joining the moderator team we already have in place, Dunabar, El Contador, Expiredpass, Kegan Snarkypants, MattieZimm. Also for those who don’t know the Admin team consists of Hanii, PhazePyre, Sp0r and Xaiin.

As some of you may have seen we have a new addition to Discord.  Welcome Mr Handy! He will be giving out quests on discord that can be redeemed for points.  At the end of each wipe a prize will be given to the individual with the most points.

Unfortunately due to some issues with the clan Unexpected, the Admin team has made the decision to remove the clan from the server.  Going forward the salt mines have been removed from discord.  It is unlikely that it will make a return.

Kurama Bow Royale

The contenders in our first Kurama Bow Royale

On January 16th we held the first event in our 2016 series of competitions– the Saturday Night Survivor events. For this one, the winner received a lovely $20 gift. Thirteen players fought to the death while four staff members officiated.

Here’s how things are supposed to work in Kurama Bow Royale:

  • Drop everything. Everyone drops everything they have and limits their storage. (Clothes off, if necessary.)
  • Makeshift only. Everyone gets a makeshift bow and some arrows for their belt pouch.
  • No initial bandages. No healing can be taken in with you, but bandages found in the hospital are permitted.
  • Hidden surprises. There are some surprises hidden in containers inside the hospital. (E.g. a handful of explosive arrows)
  • Opening positions. During the first minute of the event, everyone runs inside the Kurama Medical building and finds a room to hide in. One person to room, no teaming allowed.
  • Game begins. Once the whistle blows, it’s open season. Kill everyone you see with your bow.
  • Gas sweeps in! Every 3 minutes, the “gas” sweeps into the lower floors of the hospital. The event moderators announce the incoming gas, and then go through the floor using their guns to mow down any stragglers dumb enough to stay down there.
  • Last survivor standing wins. The winner is the last person standing once the “gas” has pushed everyone onto the roof.

Last night’s event started a little rocky, with some participants dying to zombies and unlucky arrow shots while waiting outside. The taxi service brought  people to the event but lost a jeep and almost lost a second one. (I think we need some “How is my driving?” signs when Chunk is working an event…) People had some trouble following the setup so it took a few passes to be sure everyone was clean.

Once we got started, though, the event was a blast. Arrows flew, curses ensued, and people darted down hallways and upstairs. We pre-announced the gas waves and gave plenty of time for people to ascend in case someone camped the stairways. I saw multiple naked archers running on the bottom floor, just barely making it in before the event moderators swept in with shotguns and AKs blasting down zombies. While the shotgun blasts added tension to an already tense battle, there were none of the expected explosions. Players didn’t have enough time (or luck) to find the two explosive arrows hidden on each floor.

By the time we got up to the 3rd floor, there were only four survivors remaining (not counting Jove who crashed when a “naughty” zombie exploded on everyone). The gas kept going until the rooftop left us with only samCro and Glitch and a bunch of annoying zombies. It came down to the wire as samCro got Glitch down to 3% bleeding before samCro died. This briefly left Glitch the last man standing– he fell over dead within seconds.

Unfortunately, while it looked like Glitch was our winner, we found out later that Glitch brought some bandages with him because he didn’t understand the rules. As such, his win is forfeited and the first prize goes to samCro, our resulting winner of the event! Because the event wasn’t as organized as we’d like (ideally we would search people with handcuffs to avoid this problem), Glitch will likely end up with a consolation prize.

Thanks so much for everyone who turned out! We’d love to hear more of your individual stories– please share them! Hopefully the upcoming events will be as fun (and better organized).