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Let’s Blow This Town: Video Contest

Let’s Blow This Town: Video Contest

The “Let’s Blow This Town” video contest will run in conjunction with the Server Wipe and Server Rest. For the next 3 day the Stronghold Server will hold an extending “Purge Night” called “Purge Days” during this time players will gather their best video footage of the event and create a video. Footage from past purge nights will be allowed but please only submit footage taken on the stronghold. In accordance with server rules videos containing offensive, racist and toxic language will be disqualified. Have fun with it but keep it clean.

The first 10 contestants will receive a Hizzy Tux on the new server. To participate in the contest you must be a member of the server in good standing. Have no forum or server bans on your account. All videos submitted must be posted on You Tube and submitted for entry on the forums. Contestants may enter up to 3 videos. The deadline for submission is Midnight (PST) February 20th. Once all video have been received and previewed a community poll will be opened. The community will have until February 27th, 2016 to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive a $20 steam card.

And the winner is ….

And the winner is …. FUxMatthewv!! Thank you to everyone that showed up.  We had a great turnout for the weekend before the wipe with 20 people showing up for the event.  It quickly became a competition between FU and SG. The fluffy unicorns taking the win in the end.  OlivierGirord held out till the end but fell to the spears of unicorns. The ending battle held atop a van consisted of FUxSleepy, FUxGM7 and FUxMatthewv, with FUxMatthewv securing the winning title.



Romero’s Rumble 2-13-16

Date: 2-13-16

Time: 4PM CST

Location: Romero’s Parking Lot Ranchito Taquito

Rules: Meet at Rancho, a foundation, snacks & zombies will be provided. You are allowed only melee weapons and what you can carry in your belt pouch so choose wisely. Nothing will be provided to you. Contestants will enter the Romero’s parking lot as a group. Last person standing wins. There is no second place. But look out! There maybe a few surprises. Have too many items to carry? There are plenty of cars to stash your gear in. No Kevlar, Gas Masks or helmets are allowed.

February 5, 2016

Hey Stronghold!  It’s been 253 days since the Stronghold got infected. Join us this weekend for Survivor Saturdays: Apartment Deathmatch.  Meet at the D5 apartments in PV at 3pm CST. Each team will consist of 2 people. Bring what you need.  Nothing will be provided.

As announced by Daybreak this afternoon the game will be splitting into two separate games.  We do not know how or if this will affect the server.  BUT they have announced a wipe on Feb 17.  So new people if you wish to join us on the day of the wipe get your applications in now. (If you are already on teh server you are fine.)  Be sure to apply by Monday Feb 15 if you wish to be able to be on the server for day 1 of the wipe.  It is unlikely that any applications will be processed the morning of the wipe.

Also new this week is the incredible awesome new addition to H1Z1DB. Introducing the new feature H1Z1 Skin Sticker Book. This you have the best collection out there? Can you take Mattie’s #1 crown? Sign up to see how your collection stacks up!

As always remembers friends don’t let friends drive cop cars.

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Stronghold Deathrace


  • Each team has a vehicle. (Teams of 4) could be random or teams. [ Not quite decided if they should be provided or the teams have to bring their own. ]
  • Preferably a truck since you can shoot through the front and the back. (No ATVs will be racing)
  • 2 mods will be driving along the side of the road watching to make sure everyone is staying in the area.
  • You are allowed to drive people off the road, you are allowed to kill them. Provided with guns, ammo, gear, fuel, throwables, food/water.
  • Your team will be asked to wear a uniform. ( You guys can chose the outfits for your team)
  • Get to the finish line before everyone else.
  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and third place winner.
  • Everyone will have a radio on them and given a specific channel. Friendly banter is allowed, keep it respectful though.



  •  Don’t take shortcuts, you will be given a certain route to take. If you do not take it you will be DQ’d.
  •  Don’t use mollys, it can cause people to disconnect.
  • You are not allowed to team outside of the teams you are apart of. So do not gang up on others.
  • You cannot get out and shoot. You must remain in the vehicle.
  • No landmines!

LonePine Showdown!


  • 4 (or 6) teams at each corner of the houses. ( Check map below )
  • It will basically be like a sign up! You can make your own team or you will be randomly placed in one.
  • Guns, ammo, gear, healing, food/water and throwables will all be provided.
  • Each team will have their own uniform and a set of radios that will be used for friendly banter with other teams and listening for further instructions. You guys get to decide what your team wears!
  • Mods will be running with the teams to make sure everyone is following the rules.
  • The match will last for 30 minutes, so try not to stay in one spot for 10 minutes. Keep on moving! Make it interesting!

** Oh uh! watch out for those stun and smoke traps! Don’t forget about those lousy snares laying around.


  • You want to be the last team standing.
  • You will have to deal with zombies, opposing team and wildlife.


  • No cheating, do not use exploits to get on the roofs.
  • Friendly trash talk is allowed, lets keep it clean!If you die, that’s it. You can watch your team battle it out for the prize on one of the bases that are used for the event.
  • You are allowed to cheer on anyone you want, but lets be respectful and not scream ears off.
  • Stay within the grey area. (Check map) If you are caught outside of it you will be DQ’d!
  • Have fun!

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek in Eastwood.
Meet at the base behind Spores in Eastwood. Note you will be handcuffed and checked, so don’t bring any weapons or healing. Also don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose, you will be provided with 10 bandages each, food & water and an outfit.
Bring a radio! If you forget you will be provided one

Description –
– We will have two mods being “seekers” with M9 pistols.

– Players are only allowed to hide within the grey area, so you can hide at the stores, the house, the motel and the field that separates them (Check the map below for a better understanding), if the players are found they are allowed to make an escape and hide again if they can make it without dying. You are allowed to use the cloth that you find within the proximity in case you get shot.

– You only get one life! Once you die, that’s it.

– There will be random sleeping mats so you can rest up if you get tired.

– Those who have died will meet back at the base behind Spores.

– Last person alive is declared the winner, the winner.

Rules –
– If you crash or logout you will be DQ’d ( We can’t keep track of everyone if this becomes an issue )
– You cannot re-enter the area once you have died. This is a one life event.
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the Spores roof so they do not interfere.
– Small trashtalk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.
– Seekers are not allowed to use the infection to find players.
– Must use the specific radio channel given during the event so we can keep track of who died and who is alive.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Scavenger Hunt


  • Everyone will meet at Neutral Town to be handcuffed and checked for any illegal items, and the event will start.
  • In J3 Forest we will setup the following; 1 Dew Collector, 1 Storage Container, 1 Stash with 1 torch on it, 1 Bee box, 1 Furnace.
  • In each item container we will place 3 unique items in each, each container will contain different items.
  • Once someone manages to find one of these item containers they must race towards the finish line and return these items to a moderator or an admin and say which item container they received it from, Once this has happened they will be declared the winner for that item container.
  • The event will include OPEN KOS for the event time only, but the catch is melee weapons only.
  • There will be snare traps and flash traps placed within the forest to make things more interesting.

Apartment Deathmatch

DO NOT bring anything you are not willing to lose.

The entirety of this event will take place in the four apartments in Pleasant Valley.

  • Each team will be made up of 2 people
  • Each team will start on different floors
  • When the timer starts the teams may search the floors for cloth/helmets/melee weapons/first aid/etc to use during the event
  • At 2 minute intervals, starting from the top, each floor will be “on fire” and the players MUST move down
  • Surviving players from each apartment will face off in the parking lot between all the apartments
  • Players may use the buildings, cars and other obstacles as cover.
  • The final surviving team wins.


Kurama Bow Royale

  • Drop everything. Everyone drops everything they have and limits their storage. (Clothes off, if necessary.)
  • Makeshift only. Everyone gets a makeshift bow and some arrows for their belt pouch.
  • No initial bandages. No healing can be taken in with you, but bandages found in the hospital are permitted.
  • Hidden surprises. There are some surprises hidden in containers inside the hospital. (E.g. a handful of explosive arrows)
  • Opening positions. During the first minute of the event, everyone runs inside the Kurama Medical building and finds a room to hide in. One person to room, no teaming allowed.
  • Game begins. Once the whistle blows, it’s open season. Kill everyone you see with your bow.
  • Gas sweeps in! Every 3 minutes, the “gas” sweeps into the lower floors of the hospital. The event moderators announce the incoming gas, and then go through the floor using their guns to mow down any stragglers dumb enough to stay down there.
  • Last survivor standing wins. The winner is the last person standing once the “gas” has pushed everyone onto the roof.