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March 25th 2016

It’s day 303 on the server, and we have been reaching medium pop most of the week.  Hopefully that will continue thought out the weakened.  We are seeing populations ranging from 90-110 pretty constantly we have asked day break why it is not going to Medium until 100 and were informed this may be an error on their end.  So fingers crossed we might be able to call air drops in the near future.

This evening check out the player hosted event Sniperking Event.  This event will be followed by an after parts also hosted by tDM. Then join us this Saturday for Maze Runner .  If anyone has some ideas for event contact DelaBellora on the forums.  We will make sure to get your event on the calendar and advertised on all platforms.

As many of you know we are looking for Content Contributes for the monthly VLOG.  If you would like to help out with that please contact Carterski on the forums.

Guide lines:
Video must be 720p 30fps or better (sorry it just keeps the filming quality consistent)
Background noise must be minimal examples: teamspeak chatter and so on.
Submit content in mp4 format please



Sniperking Event 2016-03-25

Wake Hill (C9)
10pm GMT

– come with full gear but sniper only.
– bring bullets, medikits and bandage how much you want.
– we make 2 grps who stay each side of the sniperarena.
– if it one side of the sniperarena its empty we will split living the grp again.
– the last three will fight for the prizes

– Come only with Sniper! .
– You are allowed to use medikits/bandages/etc. Bring bandages/medikits with you.
– New player on the server will become from us bullets medikits and sniper if they need it

1st place – one mistery skin and all loot from the other players
2nd place- 200 bullet components
3rd place – 100 bullet components

Maze Runner : 3-26-16 4pm CST

Maze Runner : Survival Saturdays

Date : 3-26-16
Time: 4pm CST/9pm GMT
Location: The Villas

Detailed Rules to Follow


It’s day 296 here on the stronghold, and we looking to have a very busy weekend.  To kick it off, The Drunken Monkey’s (tDM) will be hosting their 2nd event.  “Mario Kart” will take place on Friday the 18th @ 10 pm GMT (3pm CST).  On Saturday at 8pm GMT AK is hosting “Hunt for the Canibal” Then @10 pm GMT (3pm CST) Check out the latest Survival Saturdays event “Naked Pumpkin Run” We have also started on the Maze Project.  So if you are looking to help out with materials you can bring your donations to the villas.

Apps are coming in fast so if you have a friend already on the server have them recommend you on the forums. But remember blank apps will be rejected.  So make sure to fill out the entire app if you wish to play on the server.  Also make sure that your steam profile is set to public.  Please read the rules carefully and make sure the server is a good fit for you before applying.

We are also looking to add a few pages to the blog.  These pages will focus on social media so if you want your YouTube or Twitch highlighted on the blog please send a PM to “Kegan” on the forums and we will get you set up.  We will be looking to create a stream schedule as well in the coming weeks.  So let us know when you stream and we can host you on our Twitch channel.

Remember it’s a dangerous world out there, even the zombies are scared of the wolves!


Mario Kart Event 2016-03-18

Mario Kart Event 2016-03-18
Wake Hills
10 pm GMT

– You will come as a freshspawn to C9 Wake Hills
– You can take part in with your Team or alone (we will make rnd cars for Single Player)
– If you dont have a Green Pickup Truck you will get one from us (pls bring a green Pickup Truck with you if you have because we have only 4-5 at the Moment) we will give the fuel for the hole Event.
– We will check players for Weapons with Handcuffs.
– The Event Starts and Ends at C9 Wake Hills ( tdM Arena).
– You drive arraound with your Team in one Car (4-5 Players in each Car)
– you have to go to 5 Checkpoints to pickup some loot and bring it to the finnish line.
– On the Checkpoints we will mark a zone wehre shooting isn not allowed (marks will be placed in form of Beebox and torch)
– on the Checkpoint you will meet some tdM Mebers and you have to stop there to pick ONLY ONE loot from x storage containers, witch could have the following items in it: Ethanol, Biofuel, Weapens with Ammo. In the storage container you will find also the Quest item you need for finnish the race.
– between the Checkpoints its allowed to kill some players from other teams or blow up cars from other teams.
– the first car that comes back with the loot from 5 Checkpoints its the winner.
– if a car with rnd players wins the winner will be announced in the tdM arena after a Deathmatch.
– we fill up the cars to 100% fuel; so you have to drive without turbo to reach the finnish line; but you can get ethanol at the checkpoints in one rnd storage container

– come as a freshspawn or without any Stuff (Bandage are allowed no Medikits)
– if you have a Green pickup truck pleas bring it with you
– Killing other players or cars from event is only allowed with the weapons you pickup on the checkpoints.
– you need all five special items from the checkpoints to complete the race
– at the checkpoint only one from each car jump out and loot only one Container.

1st place – police car
2nd place – 200 bullet components
3rd place – 100 bullet components
if a full member car wins you get the prices intantly, if a car with rnd players wins we will make a decission in the tdM arena by a deathmatch.

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Naked Pumpkin Run 2016-03-19

East Wood.

– You will be given a Pumpkin helmet to wear.

– Landmines and traps will be placed throughout the area.

– Furnaces, storage containers, will be used as things to jump over.

– There will be barbed wire outlining the obstacle so players have no choice but to go through everything.

– We will place a deck down with food/water/campfires.

– Through out the obstacle you may find some hidden weapons or surprises in storage containers. You may use these items to slow down others.

– Admins/Mods will be up in the lookout towers throwing down stuns, smoke and sonic grenades!

– The first three players to make it past the finish line will be eligible for prizes.

– Come Naked! You may bring Conveys, but if you lose them don’t rage about it.
– You are only allowed to use your belts as storage. Bring bandages as you may get damaged.
– Once you find a weapon in the obstacle course you are allowed to use it against the other players.

1st place – 300 bullet components + Outfit of choice ( EX. Hizzy Tux T-shirt / Jinx ) & Steam group rank!
2nd place- 150 bullet components
3rd place – 50 bullet components



Hey all welcome back to the server.  It’s day 289 here on the stronghold, and we are so excited to be back.  We have been counting the minutes until now!  (754.580 to be exact!)  Can’t wait to see you all in game.  This weekend we have our first event on the new server.  King of the Dam.  Join us this Saturday 3-12-16 @4PM CST.  The winner will receive the “Player of the Week” title as well as a bunch of cool in game prizes.

In other news the war rages on for Bumjick Farms for control over the territory.  Who will prevail, AOD or FU?  Will Zimm open a store nearby to cash in on all those players in need for bullets?  Only time will tell.  If you act now you can reserve your very own graffiti sniper rifle for the low low cost of 86.610 Bullet components.  Or 5 scrap metal.

Rumors abound that a government drone has been seen circling over the area.  Calls have been flooding into the police with crazy allegations of mind altering and walking dead.  So make sure and keep your tin foil hat on at all times.  Over 2946.070 people have gone missing in the last 30 days.  Don’t be next!


King of the Dam 3-12-16

Date: 3-12-16

Time: 4PM CST

Location: Misty Peak Dam

Rules: Meet at Misty Peak Dam, a foundation, snacks & zombies will be provided. You are allowed any thing you can carry. So come fully geared. Nothing will be provided to you. Contestants will enter the bridge over the Dam from either side. Last person standing will be declared the winner. But look out! There maybe a few surprises.

The winner will receive:

Player of the Week title in Steam Group
Skinned J!nx T-Shirt in Game. (Not the skin just the T-Shirt)

Gold AR Skinned in Game
Any Loot from the fallen players.