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Arena Beat Down (Neutral Town Event)

Another great Survival Saturday! Today’s event was Arena Beat Down and it was located in Serenity! The Amount of participates during this event was amazing (as the photos will show you)295110_screenshots_20160430135702_1Arena Beat Down

Villas Arena

– The Arena Royal Event is an Typical “Battle Royal” Mode but , in an Arena!

– You can find Weapons in every container or boxes you see inside of the Arena

– Teaming is not allowed during this event, if you are caught teaming you will be punished.

– Last man alive wins!

– You are only allowed to use the weapons provided within the arena.
– You must come as freshspawn!
– You can use gauze and bandages!
– No flaming or spamming the voice chat! ( Viewer´s included ) !
– No shooting from outside to inside of the arena and vice versa !
– If you jump out or die in the arena you’re out!
– As always:

  • No teaming during the event– offenders will be suspended for up to 24hr from the server
  • No raids or occupying anyone’s bases or shacks during the event. This includes blowing up cars, or anything that would make them prefer to be home defending rather than at the event.
  • No micspamming during the event– offenders will be suspended for the duration of the event

The Prize is an Ultra Rare Skin sponsered by EventRetic

This event right at the beginning was explosive! Everyone rushed into the event in hopes to take the win, they all looked like little mice looking for the cheese as they searched all the boxes for loot in hopes to shoot someone before they were shot at! Just moments after the event started people started to drop, it was everyone out for their-selves and not even clan mates spared each others lives!

It came down to three people left in the event, when the excitement really hit. We had MERCxCptDan, MERCxLewis and Bourne. I am sure at first when people saw that two of the three were clan mates, they wondered would they have to be shot by a mod for not killing each other or would they be shot by the lone wolf of the group or would they kill one another! Sure enough the two MERC members ended up being near one another and had no other option then to fire at one another , after hiding around a corner MERCxCptDan got the upper hand and ended Lewis. It was then down to the last two, at first the took opposite sides of the event room, either hoping they could heal up before the last encounter or maybe they just were not having any luck finding one another. During the last shoot out, both were playing very well, they both kept moving and hiding behind objects in hopes to live a little longer! But eventually Bourne got the last shot and won the event! In nothing but his underwear!


The trade was successful to Bourne and won a Showdown AR 15 skin that was sponsored by EventRetic!


This was another fun and active event for our whole server and it makes me so happy just how many people come to our little town to enjoy these! I cant wait to see what we come up with NEXT!



Thanks for reading!


Arena Beat Down 4-30-16

Arena Beat Down

Villas Arena

– The Arena Royal Event is an Typical “Battle Royal” Mode but , in an Arena!

– You can find Weapons in every container or boxes you see inside of the Arena

– Last man alive wins!

– You are only allowed to use the weapons provided within the arena.
– You must come as freshspawn!
– You can use gauze and bandages!
– No flaming or spamming the voice chat! ( Viewer´s included ) !
– No shooting from outside to inside of the arena and vice versa !
– If you jump out or die in the arena you’re out!

The Prize is an Ultra Rare Skin sponsered by EventRetic

The History of Neutral Town

welcome to Serenity

Hello everyone Deathkaraz here!

For my first official post i wanted to give you a little history of our amazing Neutral Town! Majority of the information here was collected by Keagan Snarkypants, so i would like to give her a shout out for keeping all these dates on file!

*May 27th 2015* Stronghold is formed, our Admins are Sp0r, PhazePyre, Hanii and Xaiin

** On June 2nd, there were talks about making a community like a town, on July 1st , its decided that a

Neutral town will be made in the Villas, and on July 7th Jericho is formed**


(Jericho Version 1)

SantanicDan was appointed as the town building guy and construction of the town begins.

Original Venders: *Eve  *Swizzle  *Twin Tower Bakery

Early Residents: *Sevv  *Dunabar  *Mongo  *ExpiredPass  *Ferret Master  *Snarkypants  *Sp0r

On July 17th Dan steps down as town builder and Sevv takes his place, at the same time Dunabar begins construction on the pit and donation start rolling in.

**July 31st, construction begins on the “new town” (Version 2) and the “old town” is abandoned due to zoning issues with the original location.

The new town is located near sniper hill.

Residents Include:  *Sevv  *Dunabar  *Mongo  *ExpiredPass  *Ferret Master  *Snarkypants  *Sp0r  *Gopher,  *Link  *Motie

**August 3rd: Sheriff begins construction on the jail. Residents of the Jail are  *Sheriff  *Mathew  *February

**August 18th: Clan of Jerico is formed.


On August 27th ExpiredPass is appointed town builder. Bee Boxes are incorporated into the design as is the open platform , that is used for the community area.

Residents: *Dunabar  *Mongo  *ExpiredPass  *Snarkypants  *Sp0r  *Gopher  *Boulder,  *Keba  *Rose
This town was plagued by  snipers and other bandits who generally hide up on sniper hill.

This was also the first time the residents were allowed to build their own personal farms.

Although there was not much history wrote about the time between September to December, basically it was the same thing, every wipe the residents worked together to complete

the supply list they had to complete the town and they did it together .

We are now to the time of our town that i am apart of. After a vote on the forms the neutral town name was changed to Serenity. Every wipe ExpiredPass builds what we call Honeycomb Palace, which is like our Town Hall.

PicMonkey Collage

ExpiredPass now does the same layout it works the best for our community. With the first weeks of a wipe all of the residents of Serenity have little “apartments” inside the

Honeycomb Palace. We use this to start collecting all of our supplies to build our own residents. (in a future post i will explain what it is like in Serenity during your first week)

Serenity is such a great community, everyone helps everyone out in town, and we are always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone that is not from our town.

I am excited to see how Serenity will change with future wipes, we have already became such a big community compared to the first town and i see it only getting

bigger. If Serenity sounds like a place you would like to become a part of please feel free to message a ExpiredPass or a MOD to get more information how to join.

Have a Fantastic Day!




Hello Deathkaraz here, i am starting as a new writer for the Stronghold blogs, all of my blog post will be about our wonderful Neutral Town Serenity!

This blog will have stories about events that happen in or around Serenity, or that are sponsored by Serenity. I will also be writing about any news that may be happening in and around, and even giving you a inside look on what Serenity really is.

Who knows maybe after reading a few of my blogs, you may find yourself wanting to join the Stronghold server and becoming a part of Serenity!

First off i wanted to write a little bit about myself, so you will know who is writing 🙂 My gaming name is Deathkaraz (my friends call me Jess).

I have been playing H1Z1 since its release and i have been hooked ever since. Although i have played the King of the Kill game (i honestly suck at the PVP version of this game) I Mostly play the Just Survive version.  As of today i have 1640 hours, and i love this game.

I was like everyone else for the longest time, i played the PVP servers and got KOS’ed more times then i could count, and with out the skills of a PVP’er i honestly wasn’t getting anywhere. So i then joined the PVE servers, and although i got to enjoy building my base and collecting all of my supplies, i missed the interactions with real people.

My husband and I applied to join the Stronghold White-list Server at the end of May 2015. It was such a young server when we joined and together we got to watch Stronghold grow to the amazing community i love! At first we just played as lone wolves, just trying to avoid the big clans that occupied the spaces around us, we did try a few times to join forces with different clans and realized being in a clan just wasn’t for us.

Right now i am apart of the neutral town Called Serenity. This has been the best fit for me since i joined Stronghold, and i ask myself all the time, why did i wait so long to join! As of yesterday i started my  “training” as a modling, and eventually i hope to become a MOD of Stronghold.

I hope you all will enjoy my future post about the Neutral Town, if you are apart of Stronghold and you every want to give Serenity a try, please get a hold of ExpiredPass,

if you are not yet apart of Stronghold and you want to join, please submit an application to join, (please be serious when doing the application)

I hope you all have a fantastic Day!


April 23rd 2016

April 23rd 2016
Hey all its day 333 on the server and things are moving along quickly. We have already hosted 2 survival Saturday events. Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. We have given out over 1700 keys to date. Air drops are the new norm! Join us Sunday for Medical Madness. Hosted by Dela. She will be spamming air drops around the map for fun and medical scrubs. Don’t miss out.

P.S. We are now taking donations for the race track. See any of the event minions to make a donation.

Capture the flag!

Capture the flag!
Player and spectator decks will have food, water and a sleeping mat
Conveys are allowed

Villas @ 2pmCST 2016-04-23

– Each deck will have one flag ( Skinned gun )
– Bring your own melee weapon, half of the players will use melee ( No spears ) and the other half will use bows for range ( we will supply bows and arrows).
– You can bring any medical supplies – As much as you can fit in your belt pouch.
– There will be 2 or more teams depending on the amount of players that will be there.
– Your objective is to grab the other teams flag as well as defending yours.
– The player who grabs the opposing teams flag has to put it in their teams container awarding them a point. ( Torches will be placed on the decks to resemble points – first team to get 2 points wins that match.)
– Once you die, come back and wait in the airlock until the next match.
– There will be group leaders ( Mods or Event Minions) once you get paired with your leader you will stay with them. If anyone is caught trolling during this event you will be removed for the remainder of it.
– Each team will be given a different shirt to wear. It helps with identifying your team mates.

The teams that wins their matches will verse each other until there is only one team ( The winning team )

The winning team will get a prize as you lasted this long.
To determine the final winner, the last players alive will be thrown into the pit. Last man alive will win.

Team prize – Will be recieved once the team wins.
Final Prize – Unlocked Wasteland Crate

Bow King of the Hill 4-15-16


Bow king of the hill.
Hill in front of Pleasant Valley church.
3pm cst

Description & rules.

– There will be a peak spot on the hill, your job is to basically stay alive and be on the picked “peak spot” at 20 minutes.

– If you die you are eliminated.

– Makeshift Bows Only

– You must be naked, no clothes, only your belt pouch.

– You’re only allowed bandages and arrows in your pouch.

– If you are constantly Qing players or mic spamming, you will be removed from the event.

Unlocked Wasteland crate.

12th April 2016

May I have Your Attention Please!


The Stronghold Administration has issued a



Commencing at the siren any and all crime, including KOS will be legal for the next 12 hours.

All Moderator Services will be unavailable.  Rule enforcement will begin immediately upon tomorrow’s wipe.

Note that cheating and personal abuse are never, ever allowed on this server.

Royal Maze Rumble 2016 – 04 – 02 at 3PM CST


Royal Maze Rumble
2016 – 04 – 02 at 3PM CST
Villas Maze


– Come with just a belt pouch filled with bandages/arrows.

– You will be directed to one of the maze corners that will have food, water, sleeping mat, bows and arrows.

– It’s a bow royale! You want to be the last person alive! Start wiping everyone out!

– Everyone has free roam of the maze once it starts, there will be shelters within the maze that have bandages, first aids, satchels, extra arrows and some recurve bows.

– Every 3 minutes we will push people closer to the middle. Once you are pushed closer, the outer sections will be off limits. Meaning that if we see you in them, you will be eliminated and asked to leave the maze.


– If we see anyone misbehaving before and during the event you will be removed from the event.

– Be respectful with everyone around you. We are all here to have fun!

– Try not to team, lets give solo players a chance to enjoy the event!

– Last person alive is the winner!


– Unlocked Wasteland crate & Steam group rank “Player of the week”