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Survival Saturday: Team Battle Royale Maze Edition 6-25-16

Maze Runner

Survival Saturday!!
Date: 2016-06-25
Time: 3pm CST
Location: Neutral Town Maze

– Come as a freshspawn
– Bandage are allowed
– If you are mic spamming, “q’ing” people, shooting or punching people and ruining others fun for this event you will be removed from it.
– Food/water will be supplied.
– Gather on top of the stone area above the pit/arena

– We split everyone in 6 teams (members determined at random)
– The teams will invite all their team members to a group
– When only one group is left, the survivors from that group go to the pit and fight to death to crown a winner.
– If you leave the Maze or purposely teamkill someone, you are disqualified. (You can give your team info while watching your corpse, if you want.)
– If you die, you are out. You are allowed to watch from the catwalk.
– Try to find weapons and bullets in containers in the maze.
– You cannot shoot from the outside or from the catwalk into the maze.

Unlocked crate (for first)

June 20th 2016


Hey all its day 379 on The Stronghold. Next week we will probably being seeing a wipe and the steam summer sale. BUT that won’t stop us from having a fun maze event this Saturday. Things are looking a bit slow on the servers as everyone is rushing to test to check out the new JS features and maybe even the new map on KOTK tomorrow. We are hoping to have another Town Hall meeting but that probably won’t be until after the wipe.

Last weekend’s Survival Saturday: King of the Clock had a great turnout and we gave out 2 of the new predator crates. We also have a new Event moderator Faru and a new Modling Swizzle. Together with the rest of the even minions they will be bringing us many more awesome events.

Survival Saturday: King of the Clock June 18th

King of the Clock

Date: 18th June 2016
Time: 3pm CDT
Location: Pleasant Valley Clocktower

Set up
– Come geared but only what you don’t mind losing
– We will give some time to find loot in PV before the event
– If you die, come back, loot up, and fight!
– There will be some extra goodies around PV to help you.

– Two rounds of 20 minutes each
– 1st prize for each round goes to whoever has the longest time spent under the clock during that round
– 2nd prize for each round goes to whoever is the last person standing at the buzzer (i.e. the end of the round)
– Don’t shoot event staff or spectators helping/monitoring across the street (at orange umbrellas)
– No teaming– if you are near the clock tower and your teammate is in the vicinity, he/she needs to be attacking you or will be kicked
– Whenever there is more than 1 person in the circle, the timer is stopped until there is a clear controller.

– Unlocked crate (given to winner of round 1 and winner of round 2)
– 150 Purified water (given to last person standing in round 1 and round 2)

Survival Saturday: Hide and seek in Eastwood

hide and seak

Hide and seek in Eastwood. 2016-06-11
Come fresh!

Description –
– We will have three event minions being “seekers” with M9 pistols.

– Players are only allowed to hide within the grey area, so you can hide at the stores, the house, the motel and the field that separates them (Check the map below for a better understanding), if the players are found they are allowed to make an escape and hide again if they can make it without dying. You are allowed to use the cloth that you find within the proximity in case you get shot.

– You only get one life! Once you die, that’s it.

– There will be random sleeping mats so you can rest up if you get tired.

– Those who have died will meet back at the base behind Spores if you decide to spectate.

– Last person alive is declared the winner, the winner will receive an unlocked wasteland crate.

Rules –
– You cannot re-enter the area once you have died. This is a one life event.
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the Spores roof so they do not interfere.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.
– Seekers are not allowed to use the infection to find players.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Unlocked Wasteland

Map for H&S

For Fun in Serenity

Alot of us from Neutral Town get asked the same question “what is it that you guys do all day” well here is my take on this question.

  1. We Loot and Loot and Loot!! – during the first week of a new wipe, we not only loot for our town we also loot for whatever events we have coming up that Saturday! Our main building Honey Comb Palace is built by all of us, we all work as a community and loot! Our main builder is our wonderful leader ExpiredPass, he has the palace building down! This is also one of my favorite times of the wipes, is when we all get to start over from scratch! 20160513132141_1
  2. We Loot! lol – After we get done building our palace, we all move into the little “apartments” and we stay there for the first week, while we have this grace time we are busy looting to build our own bases! i did notice this time that alot of our community has decided to try “open” bases to let the community and visitors access to their main deck! (By the way everyone’s bases are looking great this wipe)
  3.  i cant speak for everyone but i do know that some of us enjoy doing air drops together, that includes the regular airdrops along with the hospital airdrops (i personally have been farming to get the pink hospital gear)
  4. we farm! Neutral Town is big on trying to help all of the event staff with food, so quite a few of us have farms to grow our crops!
  5. we also just like to have fun! whether that is just sitting up on the deck of the palace or each other bases, around camp fires just chatting! Or driving ATV’s around like crazy people and trying to get the best possible photo!20160608224931_1 20160608225114_1 20160608230029_1 20160608230118_1

This little town is more then just a bunch of people thrown into 4 little squares! we have all became friends!

20160530160034_1 20160530170050_1 20160424215849_1 20160324221414_1

If at any time you think you may be interested in our little community, feel free to ask us about it 🙂

EZW Slammiversary: Rage In the Cage (June 10) – to be streamed on official DBG H1Z1 Just Survive Twitch!


Event Details
Where: EZW Arena, Neutral Town
When: Friday, June 10th
Time: 3pm PST (please arrive by 2:30-2:45 PST so we can begin right away when Daybreak is ready to stream!)
Prizes: Trade-able Skin, Unlocked Crates, and some surprise items!

This Friday, at 3pm PST, participate in the EZW Rage in the Cage event and show the world you’ve got what it takes to become the EZW Stronghold Champion!

Join Daybreak staff, Legion and RyFi, as they broadcast our event during the official H1Z1 Community Outbreak Twitch stream! ( Come help celebrate the Stronghold’s 1 Year Anniversary along with Daybreak!

Matches to include “Last Man Standing” Battle Royales where the winners of each Battle Royale will compete against each other for the EZW Stronghold Championship. If there is extra allotted time granted for the event, we may have some Special Attraction matches (to be determined.)

Each match consists of melee combat where the weapons will be determined by our EZW Roulette Wheel. (We will be streaming alongside Daybreak’s Community Outbreak where you will see the Roulette Wheel determine the weapon selection, live!) Winners of each match will move towards the final, picking up bonus items such as armor, helmets, and more!

Be sure to take part in this event and show the rest of the H1Z1 Universe just why the Stronghold is the place to be for community run events as well as an experience unlike any other!

June 4, 2016


Hello Stronghold! Its day 372 on the server and we have now been in operation for over a year. Thank you everyone on the server that has help us reach this milestone and here’s to the next year. This week will be streaming Survival Saturdays: King of the Damn and up next week we will be hosting daybreak for a special EZW event in the Spandex Arena. So be ready to put on those tight and make it win so cool stuff. As always if you have ideas for event or want to become an event minion checkout the forums @

King of the Dam. * Spears/Fists Only *

King of the Dam. * Spears/Fists Only *
3pmCST at Misty Peak Dam.

Rules & description
– Meet us at Misty Peak Dam, we will have a foundation up that will provide food, water and of course safety from zombies.
– Come as a fresh spawn, we will be supplying the spears.
– You may kill people with your spears or with your fists.
– There will be storage containers on the bridge with extra spears and healing supplies.
– If players are caught trolling you will be removed from the event with a possible warning.
– This is a one life event so the last player standing will be the winner.

Player of the Week title in Steam Group
Unlocked Wasteland crate

This event will be monitored and streamed. Anyone found interfering with the event will receive a warning and will be removed from the event.
So let’s all have fun and enjoy every ones company without the drama and trolling.