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Survivor Saturday – X-Mass Crossroad – Dec. 24th

Event : X-Mass Crossroad
Date : Saturday, December 24th
Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location : Villas X-Arena

Rules & Description:

– All participants are encouraged to bring their own vehicles to the event as the neutral town will have only a limited number available for use.
– Come geared/dressed as you want, but note that there will be plenty of deaths from explosions. If you lose your gear, replacements will NOT be provided.
– Everyone will meet outside of the X- Arena with a vehicle. (All vehicles are welcomed: Offroader, Police Car, Truck, ATV)
– There will be only ONE participant per vehicle and there will be NO TEAMING.
– Once the mods/admins signal the start of the event, all participants will need to smash their vehicles into their opponents vehicles. You will be eliminated from the event once you die inside the X- Arena (If you leave your vehicle that is about to explode, you can still be killed by the other vehicles.)
– The last person to remain in the arena, inside an intact vehicle, will be declared the winner. (Stipulations subject to change depending on the vehicle situation inside at the end of the event.)
-If you wish to participate you must be in the villas 10 min before the start time. We will no longer wait for people to arrive. Once the rules are read the time to join is over.

Multiple rounds may happen, depending on time. If extra rounds happen, you will need to find a vehicle in the world and bring it back to the arena. A good time to search for vehicles in the world is after being eliminated in previous rounds. Find a vehicle and hurry back to the arena to wait for the next round to begin. You will NOT be allowed to re-enter a round you have already been eliminated in. You must wait for the next round to begin.

– Prize wheel will be spun live on our twitch channel, be sure to watch!

All in game prizes must be collected in 6 days. All steam items will be delivered in 7 days as soon as they become tradeable. Each winner will be sent a steam invite from a Mod. If your profile is set to private we can’t send you a trade and the prize will be forfeited.

This event will be monitored and streamed. Anyone found interfering with the event will receive a warning and will be removed from the event.
So let’s all have fun and enjoy every ones company without the drama and trolling.

Survivor Saturday – Santa’s Little Snipers – Dec. 17th

Event : Santa’s Little Snipers
Date : Saturday, December 17th
Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location : Neutral Town X Arena

Overview :
– Team Sniper event with 4 teams. Each team gets one section of the X arena

– There will be 3 towers in each section and 1 tower in the middle of the X

– Teams will have to decide on who will stay back and in the towers to defend their section while they send out others to take over a different section of the X

– Each team will have to defend whatever section they own, there must be 1 defender per section at the start.

– The tower in the middle of the X will have a Prototype sniper (if we have one available)

– The team that is in possession of the special sniper at the end of 30 minutes, wins. If all other teams die before the 30 minute mark, the last team alive wins

– You only get one life! Once you die, that’s it. However, if your team wins, you win too. Each member of the winning team gets a prize wheel spin

Rules –
– Do not arrive with gear! Any gear you have on you will become a donation to the event team!!!!!!!!
– Weapons/ammo will be provided to players.
– Kill the other teams to take over their section of the x.
– Once a section is taken over, it belongs to that team until the end or until that team dies.
– One defender must stay behind to protect their territory.
– You cannot re-enter the arena once you have died. This is a one life event.
– Spectators must stay on the starting deck and must not disrupt/interfere.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Prizes for :
Winning TEAM : Prize wheel spin for each team member

Survivor Saturday – Rudolph’s Revenge – Dec. 10th

Event : Rudolph’s Revenge
Date : Saturday, December 10th
Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location : PV Residential

Overview :
We randomly assign people a house and pick a Rudolph. that person goes around to each house and attempts to kill the Santa inside. if Rudolph kills the person, they get the presents (loot), if they die, the person in the house that killed them becomes the new Rudolph and continues on to the next house.

– Players will be given a house and a santa hat (supplies may be limited, so you might have to pretend or bring your own) to hide in that they must stay in until they die/kill.

– The chosen Rudolph will go house to house knocking on doors, saying “Santa, you’ve been naughty!” before entering the house and attempting to kill the person inside.

– If the person inside the house dies, their stuff gets looted and Rudolph will move onto the next house.

– If the person inside the house kills Rudolph, they get all the loot, put on Rudolph’s helmet, and move onto the next house.

– You only get one life! Once you die, that’s it.

– Those who have died will meet back at the deck if you decide to spectate.

– Last person alive is declared the winner, the winner will receive a prize.

Rules –
– Players must arrive as a fresh spawn, no gear (unless you bring your own tactical helmet)!
– Players in the houses must stay in the house until they die or kill the chosen Rudolph.
– Weapons/ammo will be provided to players.
– Rudolph/s must say “Santa, you’ve been naughty!” before entering a house.
– You cannot re-enter the area once you have died. This is a one life event.
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the deck so they do not interfere.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

New Fresh Wipe For Serenity!

Can i first just say WOW, isn’t it great to see our population just booming these last few days during our new wipe. We are seeing some old faces that have taken a break, and some fresh new ones! Its a great feeling as a moderator to see all these amazing people coming together and playing this game! Speaking of amazing, our little Serenity is growing fast this wipe! we already have our palace up and  running GREAT WORK EXPIRED! AND GREAT WORK TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED GATHER ALL THE THINGS WE NEEDED TO GET THIS STARTED FAST! As you can tell, we went back to our old layout of the Palace and i surly enjoy it! (was good to have a little change but i really enjoy this layout personally) Great Job All!



As you can tell from this photos, vehicals are found everywhere so there is sure to be no shortage! which is great for a driver like me or Gopher!


Usually it takes a week before our community can start building their own structures, but i am happy to say that the palace went up so fast, that we got cleared to start much earlier then normal! Look at our community grow!

20161204140140_1 20161204140151_1


I look forward to being back! (I haven’t been able to play, all last wipe due to the fact that my game hated me! ) so i am super excited!


I hope everyone has a great wipe and enjoys this community as much as i do!



Survivor Saturday – Reindeer Games (Capture The Flag) – Dec. 3rd

Event : Reindeer Games
Date : Today
Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location : Ranchito Romero’s Rooftop

Overview :
– Team capture the flag event with 2 randomly selected teams
– Each team has a flag they must protect with bows/arrows or fists only
– The goal is to steal the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s flag box, while attempting to defend your own flag against the other team
– If your flag is taken by the other team, you must retrieve it before they return it to their flag box
– First team to 10 points (or the last team alive) will fight in a free for all in the prize round
– Winners from the free for all round will be the final person alive, and the person with the most kills

Rules :
– Come naked for the Event! This means NO gear aside from whatever you can hold in your belt pouch. (We will provide the weapons).
– Each team will be given a different shirt to wear.
– No swapping teams! We will know what team you are on. We will know what you should be wearing, We will disqualify you if you attempt to switch.
– The roof is your friend. Stay on the rooftop and attempt to score points by stealing the other team’s flag. First Team to 10 points (or the last team alive) advances to the final round.
– The player who grabs the opposing team’s flag (or a member of the same team, in the event that the flag carrier dies) has to put it in their team’s container to score a point. Torches will be placed on the each side to resemble points scored.
– Each team will have an Event staff member as their group leader that you must stay grouped with until your team is eliminated.
– One life event, once you die or fall off of the rooftop, you are out. However, if you do die or fall off.. please return to the starting deck in case the team you were on wins.
– Once a winning team is determined, ALL members of that team will face off against each other to determine the prize winners.

Prizes for :
Last Alive – Unlocked crate skin
Most Kills – Unlocked crate skin
*One prize per person. If the person with the most kills is also the last alive, the person with the 2nd most kills wins. In the event of a most kills tie, a final fight will determine the kill winner.