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Survivor Saturday – King Of The Dam – July 22nd

Event : King Of The Dam – Bow & Arrow Edition
Date: Saturday, July 22nd
Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location: The Dam (G6)

Description :
– Free for all with bows & arrows (we supply the bows & arrows)
– Multi-round event (subject to change depending on how many people show up)

Rules :
– Players must arrive as naked fresh spawns. No Gear!
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the deck so they do not interfere.
– Bows & arrows or Fists ONLY.
– There will be at least 2 rounds. The winner of each round will face off in a final fight to determine the event winner.
– You cannot go onto the dam once you have died. Return to the starting deck and wait for the next round to begin.
– No spamming voice chat, playing music, punching, or being disruptive. (spectators included)
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.
– The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Prize for : (***Subject to change depending on how many people show up!***)
Final Fight Winner – Player’s choice of ONE item from a list of available skins.
Most Overall Kills – Player’s choice of ONE item from a list of available skins.
Starting Deck

* One prize per person. If the person with the most kills is also the final fight winner, the person with the 2nd most kills wins that prize. In the event of a most kills tie, a fist fight will determine the kill winner.

** All in game prizes must be collected in 6 days. All steam items will be delivered in 7 days as soon as they become tradeable. Each winner will be sent a steam invite from a Mod. If your profile is set to private we can’t send you a trade and the prize will be forfeited. If you let the trade time out the prize is forfeited.

Survivor Saturday – Test Server Survival – July 1st

Event : Test Server Survival
Date : Saturday, July 1st (Today!)
Time : 1pm PT (3pm CT, 4pm ET, 8pm GMT)
Location : Random JS Test PVP Server
Can’t Make it? Watch here :

Overview :
With part of the new map being out on the test server, we’re doing upcoming events there because we want to explore it and hang out with you all. Hop into discord voice channel 1 and when the time comes, we’ll pick a random PVP test server and try to survive for awhile.

We’ll either stay on the same server the whole time, or move to another random one. We will be doing this for the next few weekends, so if you can’t make it to this one, there will be more chances coming up.

It’s that simple. 🙂