Survival Saturday Presents : Stronghold Survivor : The Finale! – May 27th

Event : Stronghold Survivor : The Finale!
Date : Saturday, May 27th
Time : 1pm PT (3pm CT, 4pm ET)
Location : NT ATV Course (i4, just West of Eastwood)
Can’t Make it? Watch here :

Quick Note : This is the final week of a 6 week series of big events that have led up to this championship event.

Previous Winners :
Week 1 : Luckerdor
Week 2 : Bashing
Week 3 : Nipin / Alltoonedup
Week 4 : Desoto / Valadus
Week 5 : Lewis / Xrain
Wild Cards : You?

Championship Race Contenders :
Luckerdor, Bashing, Nipin, Desoto, Lewis

Second Chance Race Contenders :
Alltoonedup, Valadus, Xrain
Overview : (subject to change depending on how many people show up)

This weekend’s event will have different parts to it. 2 wild card races, 1 runner-up race, 1 team bow & arrow race, and the championship knockout race.

Wild Card Races :
– Race 1 : Solo race around the track, 3 laps. First place moves on to the championship race, second/third places move on to the runner-up race.
– Race 2 : Solo backwards race around the track, 3 laps. First place moves on to the championship round, second/third places move on to the runner up race.

Second Chance Race :
– Race between the runner up winners from some of the previous events, plus the players who finished second/third in the wild card races. 3 laps, 1 winner.

Team Battle Race :
– Two-person teams, one driver, one archer. 3 lap race around the track, archers will be on the back of each atv. If a team’s driver gets killed, the archer takes over, if both players get taken out, that team is eliminated. Winner/s will be the first place atv after 3 laps.

Championship Eliminator Race :
– Elimination race between the previous winners of the events. One lap at a time, the last person to cross the finish line gets eliminated. After each lap there will be a pit stop to refuel and repair if needed. This will continue until only one person remains and is declared the winner.

Rules :
– Come as a fresh spawn. *NO Clothes (keep your belt pouch!)* *NO Gear* *ATVs ONLY!*.

– Each part of the event will have different basic rules that will be gone over before each one.

– No spamming voice chat, playing music, punching, or being disruptive. (spectators included)
– Small trash talk is allowed, but keep it as friendly as possible (a simple GG when you kill/die is much better than “later #@$#&”).
– The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Prizes for :

Championship Race Winner – Pick of TWO skins from a selection and 1000 assorted rounds of ammo.
Second Chance Race Winner – Pick of ONE skin from a selection and 500 assorted rounds of ammo.
** All in game prizes must be collected in 6 days. All steam items will be delivered in 7 days as soon as they become tradeable. Each winner will be sent a steam invite from a Mod/Admin. If your profile is set to private we can’t send you a trade and the prize will be forfeited. If you let the trade time out the prize is forfeited.

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