Survivor Saturday – Test Server Shenanigans – June 24th

Event : Test Server Shenanigans
Date : Saturday, June 24th
Time : 1pm PT (3pm CT, 4pm ET, 8pm GMT)
Location : Random JS Test Server
Can’t Make it? Watch here :

Overview :
With part of the new map being out on the test server, we’re doing sort of a non-event event because we want to explore it and hang out with you all. Hop into discord voice channel 1 and when the time comes, we’ll pick a random test server and try to survive for awhile.

We’ll either stay on the same server the whole time, or move to another random one. We will be doing this for the next couple of weekends, so if you can’t make it to this one, there will be more chances coming up.

It’s that simple. 🙂

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