Survivor Saturday – X-Mass Crossroad – Dec. 24th

Event : X-Mass Crossroad Date : Saturday, December 24th Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : Villas X-Arena Rules & Description: – All participants are encouraged to bring their own vehicles to the event as the neutral town will have only a limited number available for use. – Come geared/dressed as you […]

Survivor Saturday – Santa’s Little Snipers – Dec. 17th

Event : Santa’s Little Snipers Date : Saturday, December 17th Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : Neutral Town X Arena Overview : – Team Sniper event with 4 teams. Each team gets one section of the X arena – There will be 3 towers in each section and 1 tower in […]

Survivor Saturday – Rudolph’s Revenge – Dec. 10th

Event : Rudolph’s Revenge Date : Saturday, December 10th Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : PV Residential Overview : We randomly assign people a house and pick a Rudolph. that person goes around to each house and attempts to kill the Santa inside. if Rudolph kills the person, they get the […]

New Fresh Wipe For Serenity!

Can i first just say WOW, isn’t it great to see our population just booming these last few days during our new wipe. We are seeing some old faces that have taken a break, and some fresh new ones! Its a great feeling as a moderator to see all these amazing people coming together and […]

Survivor Saturday – Reindeer Games (Capture The Flag) – Dec. 3rd

Event : Reindeer Games Date : Today Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : Ranchito Romero’s Rooftop Overview : – Team capture the flag event with 2 randomly selected teams – Each team has a flag they must protect with bows/arrows or fists only – The goal is to steal the other […]

Survival Saturday: Saturday Sale Scramble

Event : Saturday Sale Scramble Date : November 26th Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : Cranberry Courtyard Overview : – Team item gathering event with randomly selected teams of 4-5 people (depending on the turnout) – Each person is given a satchel and must roam around Cranberry looting everything possible. – […]

Survivor Saturday – Scarecrows vs Pumpkins – Nov 19th

Event : Scarecrows vs Pumpkins (Arena Showdown) Date : November 19th Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location : Bumjick Farm Overview : – Team duel event with 2 randomly selected teams *Teams may be swapped / rebalanced as needed – One team has Scarecrow helmets, the other team has Pumpkinhead helmets – […]

Survivor Saturday – Locked In : Gov’s Edition Nov 5th

Event : Locked In : Gov’s Edition Date : Saturday, November 5th Time : 1 pm PST (3 pm CST, 4 pm EST) Location : Governor’s Compound/Mansion Overview : – All participants are given a melee weapon and are locked into the Governor’s Compound (walled in area) – Kill Everyone. – There are 20ish containers […]

Survivor Saturday – Cowboys vs Zombies Oct 29

Event : Cowboys vs Zombies Date: Oct. 29th Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location: Neutral Town Description: – You will be given a pistol + bullets – Split players randomly in two teams – Police Shirts or hats / Scarecrow hats or something scarry – We will place 2 ground tampers [closed walls […]

Survivor Saturday – Naked Pumpkin Run Oct 22nd

Event : Naked Pumpkin Run Date: Oct. 22nd Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST) Location: Eastwood Description: – You will be given a Pumpkin helmet to wear. – Landmines and traps will be placed throughout the area. – Furnaces, storage containers, will be used as things to jump over. – We will place a […]