Population is booming and new business in town

Can i just say wow! The population lately has been amazing! We have been hitting med pop many days in a row, that is amazing Stronghold it makes me so happy! Also loving all of the new faces, WELCOME TO STRONGHOLD! if by any chance you dont quite like the pvp part of the game, remember you can always talk to Expired Pass and join us in the Serenity Town aka: Neutral Town 🙂 We always will have room for a new friend!


Right now i want to take the time to talk about a new Business in our little Serenity, which is ran by one of our own townies, Miss. Rainah.

She has a garage that she is willing to not only fix your vehicle, but also put gas in it completely free! So if you are driving in or around Serenity and you see her gates open be sure to stop by and get the best fixer upper job!


If she is online and you do see that the gates are closed, give a shout out on the radio, she is usually there listening and will be willing to come on  over and help you out! She always has a positive attitude and is great to deal with.


She also offers a variety of goods for trade, so if you are in the area and need some goods, check out her price list.

**(Copy and Paste this link to see her list of prices)**



She has many helpers that donate their time and goods to her little shop! It is a great assets to our server!


**(Rainah and  Flippssterr)**


I asked her to say a little something for the blog : “Hm well I mostly just really wanted to offer something to the community that everyone would have a need for. Vehicles are one of the most sought after and useful pieces of gear in the game, and it’s such a hassle to have to find a new one if yours is damaged or out of fuel. Can’t find any wrenches? Did your friend fail their drivers test and your car is suddenly about to blow up? Are you afraid of the wrath of PETA and don’t want to murder any deer for Biofuel? Too lazy to Netflix and Crowbar? We can fix that! Neutral Town is a place of solace where players can trust that they won’t be killed, so it’s the perfect place for a shop like this. I really just wanted to bring another reason to come to Neutral Town, a place where people can come to hang out and chat while they get their car repaired or do some trades. We offer pretty great prices for building materials, weapons, armor, supplies, ammo, etc. WE ALSO HAVE DELICIOUS PIE. I’ve seen a lot of new people and made some great friends through the shop. I don’t care what clan you’re from or who your friends are, if you’re in need of anything, we’re here for you!”


**(And here they both are helping xRain get better gear)**


Thank you so much Rainah for opening up your base to help the community!




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