On the Stronghold server, we have a series of quest lines available for players who are looking for a bit of guided fun. The quests, at the top level, are split into two categories: random quests, and story line quests.  Quests are managed by our Discord Bot, HZ1000 (previously known as Mr Handy, see an introductory video) who deals with handing out quests and tracking your progress.

Random Quests

The clue is in the name really. You can ask HZ1000 for a random quest (by using the !randomquest command) and he will give you something to do.  The quests start off relatively easy, and progress in difficulty as you complete more and more quests.

Story lines

1. n00b’s Story

The first series of story line quests, running through August and September 2016, followed the story of a character called “n00b” who had just joined the Stronghold server. Questers were tasked with helping him find a home, gathering all sorts of materials, trading for special items, having parties and getting into all sorts of mischief with a black market gun seller and a local drug gang!

2. Order of the Divine Light

The first of our story lines to allow you to play it your way; you can choose whether to complete each quest in a “good” or “evil” way. Help the Reverend to spread the word of the Divine Light.

3. Medical Madness

This story line focuses attention on the strange goings-on at the Kurama Health and Medical Research Facility.