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The Stronghold server was formed as a stronghold against hackers, cheaters and toxic attitudes and, as such, we expect people to conduct themselves in a manner that suits this philosophy.

You could call the server lite-RP, this means that we do not expect you to have some back story for your character or act in a certain way whilst you’re in game. We expect you to be yourself and make your interactions fun instead of mindlessly killing as many people as you can.

We hope that a unique culture develops on the server and that friendships are formed, feuds are ignited, bad guys appear and heroes appear (hopefully not the flying type) that all make the gaming experience on this server the most unique and diverse experience of any other server.

I. General

This is a white-list private server. The rules in this section should largely go without saying.

  1. No cheating, scripting, hacking, or altering game files! Instant ban!
  2. No exploiting or glitching. Exploiting is abusing flaws in game mechanics to give yourself an unfair advantage.
    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Clipping into bases via in-game glitches
    • Picking up structures after using them (e.g. no “temporary” towers/stairs for inaccessible 2nd stories)
    • Glitching through walls or floors for PvP advantage
    • Glitching to get on top of a building for raiding or PvP advantage (including login/logout rooftop glitches)
    • Placing items clipping through doors, gates or other structures to unfairly absorb damage
    • Using ‘E’ on a car to glitch into someone’s base
    • Placing a shelter magically through closed door
    • Driving a car through a locked gate via glitches
    • Scrapping a wrecked vehicle or chopping down a tree without the appropriate tool or without damaging the tool
    • Using inventory bugs to deliberately collect more, or use fewer, resources for recipes, quest boxes, etc.
  3. No bigoted speech.  If you feel the urge to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, beliefs, etc. then hold your tongue.
  4. No griefing. Griefing is repeatedly harassing someone to deliberately impede their enjoyment of the game, as well as abusing game mechanics to indiscriminately torment the player base at large.
    Examples of griefing:

    • Repeatedly hunting a player in a short span of time.
    • Repeatedly raiding a base immediately after it is rebuilt (warring groups exempt)
    • Placing structures to completely deny access to buildings
    • Camping someone’s base (outside the KoS zone) for an extended period when you’re not raiding, preventing them from returning. Interact, kill them, and move on
    • Repeatedly using a streamer’s live broadcast to harass them in game, i.e. stream sniping

    Griefing is NOT simply being killed or raided frequently by the same player or group because you did something to draw their ire and “want out.” When interacting with players in game and on the forums, remember your actions have consequences.

  5. Players are expected to act respectfully toward each other. However, this is an adversarial PvP game and not everyone will like each other–some trash talking will occur (The in-game radio channel 6 is reserved for trash talking). Please keep it light and don’t get personal. Conversely, remember it is just a game.
    Don’t look for reasons to be offended and don’t take everything personally.
  6. This is an English primary server. Please be respectful to other players and speak the primary server language in-game, on the forums, discord, etc.
  7. You represent your clan. Rule violations on your part may have consequences for your clan as a whole. If a clan is not seen to be effectively dealing with a rogue individual the whole clan could be subject to punishment.
  8. You must keep your forum profile up-to-date with your current in-game name, Discord name, and clan name at all times. This is to ensure that everyone knows who they are talking to, as names are often different between the forum, Discord, and in game. If you’re not in a clan, enter “None” as your clan name. Instructions for updating your forum profile can be found on the keeping your forum profile up to date page.
  9. Players must only use a single account on the server: alt accounts, or sharing of an account, are not permitted under any circumstances.
  10. No identity theft. This includes, but is not restricted to, stealing someone’s in-game name, or using a close spelling and claiming to be that person, e.g. over the radio.

Our staff members work hard to make your experiences playing the game, and in the wider community, as enjoyable as possible. Please bear the following in mind when interacting with the team: they want to work with you, and not be butting heads.

  1. When being given instructions by staff members, listen and follow them.
  2. Behave respectfully when interacting with a staff member. Don’t lose your cool.
  3. If you have a problem with a member of staff, talk to the individual privately in the first instance. Otherwise, escalate the issue more formally via a private message to the admins group on the forums.
  4. If you wish to appeal a warning, suspension, or ban then please refer to How to File an Appeal for instructions.

II. PvP Rules of Engagement

This is a PvP server and the apocalypse is a dangerous place. Expect to die. Expect to be robbed, raided, stalked, shot, taken prisoner, etc. It should be noted that the PvP Rules of Engagement cannot account for every possible scenario, and thus should be treated as a framework to guide combat encounters.

Map zones

Our map is divided into three distinct zones, each with different PvP rules.

  • Neutral Zone (grids I4-J5), where there is no PvP.
  • Open World PvP Zone, where interaction is required before engaging in PvP.
  • Unrestricted PvP Zone (grids C5-H8), where KoS is permitted.

  • Note: the boundaries of grid squares shown on the map above, and those in-game, sometimes differ slightly. For clarity, always go by the grid square shown in your in-game HUD, which shows your current grid square as “POSITION: X Y” where “X Y” is the grid square.
  • Leaving the Unrestricted PvP Zone while under fire does not require your attacker to then interact with you.
  • The green zone is Neutral in support of The Town in the Villas and no PvP is allowed within those grid squares. Do not test the administration team by taunting players along the border or constantly seeking refuge across the border every time you are engaged.
  • Landmines may ONLY be used in the Unrestricted PvP Zone.

Pre-engagement interaction in the Open World PvP Zone

  1. Interaction is REQUIRED before engaging in Open World PvP. I repeat, interaction is REQUIRED before engaging in Open World PvP. Once ONE party has properly interacted (as detailed below) on AREA MIC (or AREA TEXT CHAT if comms are down), the interaction requirement has been met and PvP may commence.
  2. Interaction MUST demonstrate your INTENT to engage in PvP with the player(s) you’re talking to: yelling “Time to die!” or “No mercy to clan XYZ!” demonstrates intent, while saying “Friendly?” or “Hi!” and opening fire are not acceptable pre-engagement interactions.
  3. In the event that you are in a group and you are killed, as long as your group is within a reasonable distance and can join the fight within a short amount of time (think seconds, not minutes), further interaction is not required by your group before engaging the killer(s) as long as they clarify that they were with you after avenging your death.
  4. Raiding a base does not require interaction.
    • During a raid a reasonable area around the base is an active engagement zone; a good rule-of-thumb is, line-of-sight around the base. Interaction is not required as raiders and defenders alike cannot be expected to check targets during raiding, particularly since third parties may show up to help or spoil the fun.
    • Note that lighting off a few IEDs and calling it a raid merely as an excuse to KoS people for the next few hours is NOT okay.
    • Engaging an enemy player who is on or inside your shack or base, does not require interaction.
  5. Stealing a vehicle does not require interaction (see below).

A word on vehicle theft

Stealing a vehicle, which includes simply entering a vehicle that is not yours without permission, is not permitted in the Neutral Zone. Period.

Stealing a vehicle is permitted in the Open World PvP Zone and the Unrestricted PvP Zone.

In the Open World PvP Zone, stealing a vehicle does NOT require any pre-engagement interaction. If your car is stolen you can shoot the person who stole it with out interacting; when the thief stole your vehicle, they started the PvP engagement. This does not give you free reign to shoot at any and all vehicles without interaction, only when your vehicle has been stolen.

A word on banditry

A bandit is not required to let you live, even if you comply. A victim is also obviously not required to comply with the bandit’s demands, and may change their compliance at any time.

However, if bandits frequently kill their victims then why should they ever expect to see any compliance? Additionally, consider not stripping victims of everything they own so in future encounters they have more incentive to comply. Similarly, if victims always run or fire back, don’t be surprised when bandits get increasingly itchy trigger fingers.

If players wish to see banditry become more meaningful encounters they should keep these points in mind while venturing the wastes.

A word on the Unrestricted PvP Zone (aka. KoS Zone, Red Zone)

Survivors be warned! If you build or venture into the Red Zone, you’re entering the most Apocalyptic section of the map where PvP rules are much more relaxed and life there is a lot more dangerous. The following are allowed to happen, and definitely will happen, in the Red Zone:

  • KoSing.
  • Frequent base raiding.
  • Enemies camping at your gates, ready to gun you down.
  • Landmine and Trap surprises. Surprise!

III. Building

Building rules are designed to maintain the survival ambiance in key locations, to prevent every POI from being locked down by larger groups, and to stop the glitchiest building behaviors

  1. No building is permitted within the cities of Pleasant Valley, Cranberry, or Ranchito Taquito , as well as the Military Base. See the maps below for the restricted build boundaries. Note that city boundaries tend to follow natural boundaries like ridges, tree lines, water, roads, grids, etc.
  2. No building, or placement of any other item, on major roads
    • A major road is defined as a road that has a white line along the edges.
    • Building over major roads is okay, so long as there is enough clearance for the tallest vehicle to pass unimpeded
    • No items whatsoever on major roads. No decks, ramps, punji sticks, barbed wire, bee boxes, candles, nothing at all!
    • Roads without white lines (i.e. non-major roads) are okay to build on
  3. No completely blocking access to buildings, compounds or campsites. At minimum there must be enough access for a full size vehicle to pass through. (see Griefing)
  4. No blocking vehicle spawns for your own selfish usage. You may not prevent others from taking a vehicle out of its spawn
  5. No constructing free-floating structures which are unable to be accessed without cheats
  6. No building bases on top of buildings
  7. No building bases where large sections glitch into buildings
  8. Unraidable Bases are not allowed. Unraidable is defined as anything preventing the base perimeter or an individual shelter from being breached.

No build zones

All no build zones: Neutral zone (I4-J5), Ranchito Taquito, Cranberry, Pleasant Valley, and the Military base.

All no build zones: Neutral zone (I4-J5), Ranchito Taquito, Cranberry, Pleasant Valley, and the Military base. (click for larger image)

Pleasant Valley no build zone

Pleasant Valley no build zone (click for larger image)

Cranberry no build zone

Cranberry no build zone (click for larger image)

Ranchito Taquito no build zone

Ranchito Taquito no build zone (click for larger image)

IV. Neutral Town

The Neutral Town exists to offer solo players and small groups an opportunity to work together to overcome the harsh post-apocalyptic wasteland outside. It is also a place to allow players from all across the server to get together to trade, socialize, and seek reprieve.

  1. The Neutral Town will be located in Villas Development.
  2. Building anywhere in the Villas and Neutral Zone is strictly forbidden unless you are part of the Neutral Town, or they have granted you their express written approval for your project on the forum.
  3. Any structures found in the Neutral Zone will be removed and contents donated to the town.
  4. No PvP of any sort in the Neutral Town. This extends to all of grids I4-J5, see the map above.
  5. The Neutral Town, and the Neutral Zone surrounding it, is a safe area. No fighting, no killing, no robbing, no raiding, no blowing up vehicles, no stealing vehicles. I have to repeat this, because people never seem to get it: no PvP in the Neutral Zone. This includes any attacks, theft, raiding, etc. Don’t steal a car, don’t blow up a car in a base, don’t rob someone in those grids, don’t grief players, don’t instigate fights, and don’t raid in those grids. We even ask that players keep their weapons holstered while in the area, to prevent accidents from happening.
  6. The town will function as a loosely formed clan, and residents are free to determine their own governance, residency requirements, shopkeeper requirements, visitor requirements, etc. Town affairs will be conducted on the forums and Discord.

The full list of comprehensive Neutral Town resident rules are available on the forums.

V. Server Comms

  1. WSTR Channel 1 is the Stronghold server-wide radio channel. Please respect other members’ needs to communicate with each other here and keep all discussions brief
  2. WSLT Channel 6 is Salt Mines Radio, all drama, all the time. If your trash talk on Channel 1 is going to last longer than a brief back and forth exchange, take it to this channel
  3. All players are strongly encouraged to also make use of our Discord Server.

VI. Airdrops

Calling airdrops brings some fun and excitement to the game, so we want everyone to have a good time. However we have a few restrictions:

  • PvP rules of engagement (as outlined in II, above) MUST be followed. If the drop lands in the Unrestricted PvP Zone, have at it. If in the Open World PvP Zone, you MUST interact with intent (e.g. “that drop is MINE!” or “leave the airdrop area immediately, or die!”) before you engage anyone at or around the drop.
  • Neutral Zone (grids I4-J5, as shown above) drops belong to the player who called in the airdrop. Do not collect the drop unless you called it, or the airdrop caller asks you to collect it. No fighting for the drop.

The above rules apply to where the drop lands, not where it was called.

VII. Server events

We hold regular official server events, with the main series being “Survivor Saturday”. The following extra rules are in place to help ensure that as many people as possible can participate in and enjoy our events. You can learn more about when and where events are happening by checking the forums and from announcements on discord and radio channel 1 in-game.

  • Please respect active events and do not interfere with participants.
  • When being given instructions by event staff or moderators, listen and follow them.
  • There is a no-raid window during “Survivor Saturday” events, and for a short time before and after (generally around 30 minutes). Announcements will be made via server broadcast messages (the white text at the top of the screen) when the no-raid window is starting and ending. This is to allow players to participate in our events without fear of having their bases raided at the same time.

The “no-raid window” prohibits any raiding activity, which includes breaching, looting, attacking, and otherwise occupying, a base/shack that is not yours. If you break any of the above rules, you may be temporarily banned for the duration of the event: we want to spend time taking care of the event, and will get around to you afterwards.

Closing Thoughts

We expect people to behave like adults on the server and be respectful towards each other. All players are considered to play in the spirit of the server, after all, each of you knew what you were signing up for when you came on board – don’t be ‘that guy’.

Baiting people into breaking the rules and then immediately reporting them to the admins is not considered good form and ultimately makes the baiter as bad, if not worse, than the rule breaker.

If you feel that an encounter violated the “spirit” of the game, the first action should be to gather up a militia to hunt down the individual/group, there are many like-minded people on this server who would be happy to help hunt down nefarious players.

We encourage in-game policing and reporting to the admins should be the last resort for dealing with rule breakers.


  • If you’re KoS’d do not immediately report it to the admins, it could have been a case of mistaken identity or even an accident. Take down the name of the individual (where possible) and monitor for repeat offenders
  • If an individual or group are consistently KoSing regardless of any in-game policing, then report to them to the admins with evidence if possible
  • If someone is building in a restricted area, post it on the forums with screenshots. If the individual/group does not cease and desist then gather up a posse to blow the base sky high. If the individual/group persists in building after in game action then report to the admins