Server Staff


  • Sp0r – (Owner)
  • PhazePyre – (Owner)
  • Hanii – (Owner)
  • Xaiin – (Owner)
  • Kegan Snarkypants
  • ExpiredPass
  • Hazard (Event Coordinator)


All the moderators share duties, but most moderators have an area that they specialise in

  • Gopher (Rules)
  • D3vnull
  • DeathKaraz ( NT Blog)
  • Wraylas (Reports)
  • Swizzzle (Events and Twitch)


  • ArkDax
  • MissTopSwag

Moderator Code of Conduct

  • The tools that are provided to the moderators cannot be used for personal ingame gain
  • Information gained whilst in spectate mode can only be used in a moderator capacity and not shared with other non-mod players
  • Moderator business cannot be shared with players to give them an ingame advantage
  • Players cannot be banned until at least 3 moderators agree the ban
  • When dealing with reports, if a report is against a friend or known associate of a moderator, that moderator cannot deal with it
  • The moderators are expected to set an example of how to behave on the server


  • Q: Do you guys work for Daybreak Games?
  • A: No, but they own the Stronghold server
  • Q: Can you control the wipe of the server?
  • A: No, the server wipe is purely controlled by Daybreak
  • Q: Do the moderators/admins get paid?
  • A: No, we wish we did though!
  • Q: Can you control the weather?
  • A: No
  • Q: Can you spawn stuff into the games?
  • A: No, we do not have developer controls