Stronghold Survivor Recap Week 3



Hello this weeks event was definitely a favorite for me, and thanks to the event’s team hard work it worked out smoothly! Here is the rules for the event.

Overview : *As always, details are subject to change depending on attendance*
– Multi-stage team gathering event. The first stage will consist of one main goal and an optional sub-goal to unlock a perk to assist with the main goal.

– The main goal is to gather 300 wood logs, and the optional sub-goal is 400 sticks, but a team may only go for ONE goal at a time. Teams that gather the 400 sticks will unlock a shelter with backpacks for all team members, allowing for fewer time consuming trips while gathering the logs.

– The first team to 300 logs then has to choose TWO people to transfer the logs from their gathering box and through an obstacle course to a box near the starting point. (Teams that went for the backpacks will have an obvious advantage)

– Once a team has all of the logs in the final box, ONE person from that team will gain access to a shelter with 3 boxes in it.

– Each box will contain a specific amount of items that will reveal a 3 digit code to another shelter. That person must then figure out what order the numbers go in so that they can open the last shelter door.

– In the final shelter, there will be a bow drill. On top of the shelter with the bow drill will be a campfire. The first team to finish all of the other stages and light their fire using the bow drill, moves on to a team fight.

– The team fight will be a fist fight between the members of the winning team. The winner will be the last person alive, and a secondary winner will be the person with the most kills.

– The winners from the team fight will then fist fight each other to see who will win their choice of either the main prize or the secondary prize. The loser of the fight wins whichever prize the winner doesn’t choose.

– Additionally, all members of the winning TEAM will be allowed to take an equal percentage of all of the logs/sticks that were gathered should they choose to do so. If someone declines their cut, everyone else that does take them will get a split of that.

– BOTH team fight winners will automatically advance to the Championship battle at the May 27th event.

Rules :
– Come as a fresh spawn. *NO Clothes (keep your belt pouch!)* *NO Gear* *No Vehicles*.
– Players will be divided up into 2 teams via a schoolyard pick.

– Team members are all given fire axes and satchels.
– The number of teams and gathering amounts are subject to change based off of how many people show up.
– If a team chooses to go for sticks to unlock backpacks, they may ONLY go after sticks until they gather 400 sticks or give up and start chopping trees.

– No Killing during the gathering part of the event!
– Zombies will most likely be an issue, we’ll have a punji stick area that you may run to, or you may kill them with your axe/fists.
– If you do happen to die while gathering, come back as a fresh spawn and continue helping your team!

– No spamming voice chat, playing music, punching, or being disruptive. (spectators included)
– Small trash talk is allowed, but keep it as friendly as possible (a simple GG when you kill/die is much better than “later #@$#&”).
– The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Prizes for :
Main Prize (Last Alive) – Pick of ONE skin from a selection or 500 assorted rounds of ammo.
Secondary Prize – Whichever prize the first person doesn’t pick.
TEAM Prize – All logs gathered by both teams, split evenly.


we  split the teams up, team leader MissTopSwag and Mexii. Both teams went through the course to the end where they had to decide as a group to go for sticks (to get a bigger bag) or just go right for the logs, and take more trips back and worth to bring the logs to the ending spot, Both teams decided on sticks. The race seem to be pretty close until MissTopSwag’s team pulled ahead during the gathering of the logs, which eventually lead the team to victory. The winning team then faced each other in a fist fight, last one standing would get first place, most kills would get second and then we had another free for all fist fight for third.








The winners of this event :

Team win – MissTopSwag – Logs
most kills – Alltuned up – 500ish assorted bullets
last alive – Nipin – trick2g ski mask skin
ffa – Killswitch – 100ish water bottles



Winners so far :
Week 1 : Luckerdor
Week 2 : Bashing

Week 3: Nipin

Week 4: You?

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