Survivor Saturday – Cowboys vs Zombies Oct 29

Event : Cowboys vs Zombies
Date: Oct. 29th
Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location: Neutral Town


– You will be given a pistol + bullets
– Split players randomly in two teams
– Police Shirts or hats / Scarecrow hats or something scarry
– We will place 2 ground tampers [closed walls + 2 gates]
– One team in one side and another in the other side
– They have to aim at the other team, wait for the “signal” AIM … 3 2 1 GO and shot only 1 bullet, then we repeat this.. AIM… 3 2 1 GO .. and so on until only one is alive.
– They can’t kill their teammates .

– Come naked fot the Event.
– You are only allowed to use the gun provided by the Admins/Mods/Event team
– No First aid kits or bandages allowed
– 2 rounds / last man standing wins [1st place from every round] so basically we have 2 winners


– 1 Unlocked Predator Crate [1st round ] – first place only
– 1 Unlocked Renegade Crate [2nd round] – first place only

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