Survivor Saturday : Flea Market Face Off Sept. 17th

Date: Sept. 17th
Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location: NT Arena

– Bows and arrows (or fists) ONLY! Anyone seen with anything else will be removed from the event.
– There will be several rounds of broadcasted hints to 2 items you are to find.
– As soon as you see the broadcast announced, you will have 5 minutes to run into the arena, try to gather the correct items and make it back to the starting deck alive (if you return and are wrong, you may go back out and continue searching until the time runs out).
– Only gather one of each item, if you have more, 30 seconds will be added to your total time.
– Anyone caught using/eating/drinking the list items will be removed from event for cheating! They are for the event only.
– The last team to make it back with the correct items will be eliminated. Eliminated teams will act as deck gaurds for the remaining rounds.

– Fighting is only allowed inside the arena, once someone reaches the starting ramp they are safe.
– If you die, you will be allowed to return as a deck guard, meaning you can attempt to kill people as they try to reach the deck (again, once someone reaches the deck they are safe).
– When there are 2 teams left, there will be a fight to determine the winning team.
– Once a winner is declared, previously eliminated participants will fight it out battle royale style for a consolation prize.

Prizes :
1st place Team : 100 Corn & 50 Wheat OR 200 Shotgun Shells OR an unlocked Predator Crate
2nd place Team: 50 Corn & 25 Wheat OR 100 9mm Rounds
3rd place Person: 20 Corn & 10 Wheat OR 50 .45 Rounds

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