Survivor Saturday – Friday the 13th – Oct. 15th

Event : Friday the 13th
Date : Oct. 15th
Location : The big empty lodge at the Opfer camp

Overview :
Everyone enters the big lodge with a hockey mask and a machete.

– Players will be given a hockey mask and a machete and attempt to kill as many people as possible within the time limit.

– Machetes or fists only!

– Players must stay inside the lodge until they die.

– Once a player dies, they may come back as many times as they want, until we announce that the lodge is closed.

– We will attempt to give out replacement machetes and masks as players come back, but supplies may be limited.

– Any players that are outside of the lodge when we close it will be eliminated.

– Whoever is the last player alive inside the lodge after we close it, wins the “Last Slasher Standing” prize.

– Whoever has the highest kill count during the event will win the “Best Slasher” prize.

– Those who wish to watch the action can do so from the starter deck.

Standard Rules –
– Players should arrive as fresh spawns, meaning exactly that. /respawn to get to the starter deck, and then shred your clothes, take off your shoes.
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the deck so they do not interfere.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

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