Survivor Saturday – Maze Runner 3 : Dead End – Jan. 7th

Event : Maze Runner 3 : Dead End
Date : Today
Time : 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location : NT X-Arena ( I4 )

Overview :
– Maze event
– Fists Only
– Multi-life event

Rules –
– Do not arrive with gear! Any gear you have on you will become a donation to the event team!
– Food/Water will be provided to players before the event so everyone is ready for their journey.
– Avoid players, traps, obstacles and get through the maze alive.
– Fists only & No Teaming! Punch everyone (during the event, not before!)
– Speaking of punching, repeated pre-event punching will get you a (server) kick in return. get it? got it? good!
– If you get bounced out of the maze due to the new permissions feature, you CAN re-enter. Others may have the same thing happen.
– If you get killed in the maze, you CAN re-enter. Ya never know… maybe you’ll get lucky!
– To re-enter the maze, you MUST start at the beginning.
– No slipping through cracks or boosting over walls.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.
– No being disruptive before the event or you will be kicked. This means No punching, No mic spamming/interrupting, etc.
– Spectators must stay on the starting deck and must not disrupt/interfere.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

Prizes for First place :
1st Round – 100 Shotgun shells, 100 9mm rounds
2nd Round – 100 Shotgun shells, 100 9mm rounds
3rd Round – 100 Shotgun shells, 100 9mm rounds

* One prize per person. If a person wins multiple rounds, the prize goes to the next person to finish that has not won a prize yet. (The two people that win the first 2 rounds can still participate for fun. The idea is to give other people a shot at a prize.)

** All in game prizes must be collected in 6 days. All steam items will be delivered in 7 days as soon as they become tradeable. Each winner will be sent a steam invite from a Mod. If your profile is set to private we can’t send you a trade and the prize will be forfeited. If you let the trade time out the prize is forfeited.

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