Survivor Saturday – Naked Pumpkin Run Oct 22nd

Event : Naked Pumpkin Run
Date: Oct. 22nd
Time: 1pm PST (3pm CST, 4pm EST)
Location: Eastwood

– You will be given a Pumpkin helmet to wear.
– Landmines and traps will be placed throughout the area.
– Furnaces, storage containers, will be used as things to jump over.
– We will place a deck down with food/water/campfires.
– Through out the obstacle you may find some hidden weapons or surprises in storage containers. You may use these items to slow down others.
– Admins/Mods will be up in the lookout towers throwing down stuns, smoke and sonic grenades!
– The first three players to make it past the finish line will be eligible for prizes.

– Come Naked! You may bring Conveys, but if you lose them don’t rage about it.
– You are only allowed to use your belts as storage. Bring bandages as you may get damaged.
– Once you find a weapon in the obstacle course you are allowed to use it against the other players.

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