Survivor Saturday : Trigger Treat

Event : Trigger Treat
Date : Oct. 8th
Location : PV Residential

Overview :
We randomly assign people a house and pick a trigger treater. that person goes around to each house and attempts to kill the person inside. if the treater kills the person, they get the treats, if they die, the person in the house that killed them becomes the new one and continues on to the next house.

– Players will be given a house to hide in that they must stay in until they die/kill.

– Designated Trigger Treater will go house to house knocking on doors, saying “Trigger Treat” before entering the house and attempting to kill the person inside.

– If the person inside the house dies, their stuff gets looted and the Treater will move onto the next house.

– If the person inside the house kills the Treater, they get all the loot, put on the Treater’s helmet, and move onto the next house.

– You only get one life! Once you die, that’s it.

– Those who have died will meet back at the deck if you decide to spectate.

– Last person alive is declared the winner, the winner will receive a prize.

Rules –
– Players in the houses must stay in the house until they die or kill the Treater.
– Trigger Treater must say “Trigger Treat” before entering a house.
– You cannot re-enter the area once you have died. This is a one life event.
– Spectators are allowed but they have to stay on the deck so they do not interfere.
– Small trash talk is allowed, just don’t cross the line.

The most important rule of all. Have fun!

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